Beat the Heat with Indoor Go Kart Racing Near Corona

1448 days ago by Corona, CA

Go kart racing is a favorite summer fun activity with kids and adults.

When the weather starts heating up, many people try to find things to do indoors where it is air-conditioned. But walking around the mall or going to the movies gets old, so if you're looking for another option to keep you cool, try go kart racing near Corona.

Go kart racing is a favorite summer fun activity with kids and adults, but who wants to be sitting behind a hot motor racing out in the sun? Our electric karts are a unique design which means they are quiet, cool, and most importantly, fast. No need to be afraid that you'll get stuck with a kart that putts along with the pedal to the floor, because our karts can go up to 45 MPH, which means your adrenaline will be pumping. But don't worry, you won't break a sweat because it all happens in our climate controlled facility.

If you visit us on a hot day, don't feel pressured to race and run. You're welcome to hang out for a bit. Watch some other racers before you get behind the wheel and you might pick up a few tips. Afterwards, get a cool treat from our concessions area and play some video games with friends. Our customers are always welcome to enjoy our facility, even after you're done racing.

Indoor go kart racing is the perfect family activity this summer. Don't worry if it's hot, humid, or even rainy. Anyone over 48 inches tall can drive, so bring the friends and family and spend a few hours at our air-conditioned go kart track. It's the perfect combination of engaging in a heart-pumping activity while you stay cool and comfortable.

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