Arrive & Drive Racing - Introduce your child to kart racing

1484 days ago by Corona, CA

Race go karts in our giant indoor kart track in Corona CA. We have adult and kids karts available.

Many children in America inspire to be a professional race car driver when they grow up. This is unfortunately out of reach of most families due to the lack of racing programs and the high cost of a race setup. Go kart racing is the foundation racing sport that most professional drivers start out racing and is the ideal place to see if your child truly has race potential.

Pole Position Raceway offers your child the chance to experience actual race karts. It is an ideal solution for parents who simply want to test the water before investing in a race setup as well as those who simply want to give their child the thrilling experience of racing. Two size karts are available depending on the height of the racer with normal karts accommodating 56 inches and above. Kid karts are available for those that are 48 inches and taller. The indoor race track allows for comfortable Arrive & Drive Racing competition year around and the electric motors means no harmful emissions for your child.

The race inspired karts allow racers to feel first-hand what actual kart racers feel with actual race slicks, hydraulic brakes and instant throttle response.   Riding is in race format where lap times and position is tracked electronically just like the real thing. There is no need to purchase expensive safety equipment as a helmet is supplied and the karts are outfitted with professional harnesses. The fast paced action is sure to thrill and test your child’s driving skill to see if they are a future racing star.

If you would like more information on Arrive & Drive racing for your child that dreams to race, please contact us.