Whether You're Near or Far, Gift Certificates to Race Go Karts Make Great Easter Basket Fillers

1470 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Easter is right around the corner

The Easter Bunny arrives early this year, so it's time to start thinking about how you can make the holiday special. If you're looking for something unique to put in an Easter basket for a child or teen in your life, you can't go wrong with a gift certificate to race go karts.

Traditionally, Easter baskets are filled with candy. Chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and marshmallow peeps are the standards, but there are entire aisles of sugary choices in the stores. Lately, parents are trying to cut back on sweets, and have started adding more toys to the mix. Kids love to find their baskets and see the different treasures, but, much to the parents' dismay, these little trinkets you find on the holiday shelves don't really last long. Either children lose interest or they break after a few uses. Unfortunately, many parents spend a lot of money on these items, and get nothing back for their investment.

If you're thinking of Easter basket fillers for a child, grandchild, niece, or nephew, consider a gift certificate to Pole Position Raceway. Children over 48 inches tall can drive their own kart, and instead of wasting money on a bunch of junky toys, you can provide some great fun and an opportunity to make some memories.

If you don't live nearby, and would like to get in on this great idea, you're not out of luck. Gift certificates are available on our website, and we can ship them right to you, or to the recipient.

Easter is right around the corner, but you don't need to spend a fortune on toys that will be quickly discarded. A gift certificate for racing go karts will be a pleasant surprise and a lot of fun for kids and teens. For more information, contact us.