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Try Go Karts for Kids Who Aren't Into Team Sports

3076 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Every child needs something that's their "thing."

Sometimes it seems everyone plays team sports in the fall. Many kids have little to talk about besides football, soccer, and cheerleading, but if you have children who, for whatever reason, don't play those sports, they might feel left out. If you're looking for something that they can do, consider trying go karts for kids.

Every child needs something that's their "thing." Something they excel at, and can get a little obsessed with. But not all children fit into the mainstream mold of playing team sports. Maybe they're just not into the athletic scene, or are not that coordinated. Sometimes children with special needs desperately want to play, but can't keep up with typical kids.

Racing go karts is the perfect activity for kids like this. It's something they can look forward to doing on a regular basis. They can keep track of their times and strive to beat their record each time they come in. Maybe they'll even meet some other kids with a racing interest and can meet up and drive together once in a while.

Parents, don't fret if your child doesn't seem to be into the same things as most children. That's the sign of an independent thinker, and a world-changer. Bring them in to Pole Position Raceway to try our safe, but fast electric go karts. Many kids turn it into a hobby that is a great alternative to sitting home playing video games.

We welcome you to come ride go karts at any time during our regular hours. Parents and kids can both drive (must be over 48 inches tall). We also have events that some families might like to get involved in. Monthly driving clinics and team endurance races give students the opportunity to improve their skills and get competitive. When there's a vacation from schools, ask us about our kid's camps.

If team sports don't appeal to your child, but you'd like to find something they can do as an extra-curricular activity, bring them in to try go karts. For more information about hours and locations, contact us.