Try Arrive & Drive Racing for an Adrenalin-Filled Date Night

1093 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

A fun and exciting time on date night.

Date night is coming up and you could do dinner and a movie – again (yawn). Or, you could pump a little adrenaline into your night and enjoy indoor go kart racing. Not only does go kart racing on date night ensure you and your date have tons of fun, but you can also settle once and for all who is really the better driver!

Arrive & Drive Racing means you and your date can walk on into our racing facility without a reservation (just be sure to check our online calendar or contact us to ensure we aren’t hosting a private event). We serve large groups and couples, so you and your date can join in on one of our standard races and be speeding around the track in no time.

The main preparation required for a date night of go karting is to tell your date to wear comfortable clothes. If either one of you end up wearing open toe high heels, relax knowing we offer rental shoes if needed.

Once you and your date are set with proper attire, you’ll be racing at speeds of up to 45mph. As you enjoy the thrills, don’t worry about gassy engines ruining your date night – our state-of-the art electric go karts offer speed, acceleration and handling without the toxic smoke of gas engines.

Our indoor racetrack is also well suited to date night because our climate-controlled facility allows you and your date to have a blast without the embarrassment of excessive perspiration. This is especially important if you’re enjoying time with your date and want to move on to other heart-pumping activities when you’re done on the track.