Tips for Successful Corporate Team-Building Events

1564 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Three tips to an exciting corporate event that your employees won't soon forget. Plan a Go Kart Racing corporate event today.

If you've been involved in the corporate scene for any length of time, you have had experiences with team-building events. A successful event will result in employees who are productive and work together well. Other times the activities are a struggle and it feels like wasted time. If you want to have a successful team-building corporate event, consider some of these suggestions.

  1. Choose an activity everyone can do. The famous trust falls of the 80's produced anxiety for those with a fear of heights, and made people who were overweight uncomfortable. Pick an activity that doesn't take people too far out of their comfort zone. The idea is to stretch people, but not stress them out.
  2. Find a change of scenery. Yes, you could use your on-site conference room for games and activities, but that really doesn't promote team-building the way a different location can. Just going somewhere different than the typical work location will breathe fresh air into people's lives, resulting in better attitudes, increased creativity, and the results you are looking for.
  3. Make it FUN! Yes, we said fun. Forget all the hokey, uncomfortable games. Giving employees the opportunity to interact in an environment that is laid-back and enjoyable will allow people to show their true passions. You just may find out who is the competitive one, who is the cheerleader, and who has the best strategizing skills.

Pole Position Raceway may be the perfect place to hold your team-building event. With our special packages, we can close the entire facility to the public so you have the opportunity to have an unforgettable day with your team members. Everybody is able to drive a go kart, and you'll be able to observe employees getting to know each other, working together, and laying the foundation for a more productive team.

In addition to the go karts, we do have rooms fully equipped with the latest technology so you can make presentations and have meetings in between races. We can also provide extras such as catering, trophies, and prizes.

Team-building is a great activity when it's done the right way. If you're looking for a place to take your group to encourage cohesiveness, ignite passion, and increase productivity, a day at the go kart track may be just the thing. For more information, contact us.