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Tips on Booking Your Corporate Holiday Party

3027 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Here are a few things to consider while booking your holiday party venue

Booking a venue for your corporate holiday party is the first, and often the most crucial step in the planning process. Without a quality venue, it is hard to execute a fun, and memorable party for your employees. It is ideal to host it away from the workplace, which allows separation from work, and your employees to truly let loose. Here are a few things to consider while booking your holiday party venue.


Timing is critical when booking a holiday party venue, as many fill up fast. Booking early allows you to get the date that is best for your company. It also gives the benefit of more time to plan, and obtain items for the party. An ideal time range is at least a month out from your expected party date, but earlier will often give you more freedom of time and date.


Hosting your holiday party within your office might seem like a great idea to save money. This however doesn’t allow your employees to feel appreciated, and really disconnect from the work environment. The holidays need excitement, and holiday party activities that allows guest interaction while having fun at the same time. Pole Position Raceway is an ideal party venue that offers all the space and amenities for a party, as well as professional go kart racing. Our spacious indoor climate controlled facility is ideal for gatherings large, or small.


Fun is the most crucial element to any holiday party, as that is what the party is all about anyways. A venue such as Pole position Raceway ensures your employees have a fun an exciting time. The racing also allows for worker engagement, and having fun as a team. It is the holiday party theme that employees will appreciate and talk about for years to come.

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