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Throw the Perfect Bachelor Party

2691 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Do something fun and exciting that everyone will love.

Your friend is getting married. It's an exciting time in his life and yours. He's about to make the biggest promise of his life, and you're in charge of throwing him the perfect party to say goodbye to single life. The pressure is on, and you want to do something fun and exciting that everyone will love. 

Pole Position Raceway has the answer. Indoor go-kart racing is the perfect bachelor party event. Your friend and everyone else who's invited will have a blast experiencing the thrill of fun competition at high speeds. At our indoor facilities, you never have to worry about the weather hindering your plans. You'll be safe from the elements and from gaseous fumes since all of our karts are electric. 

At Pole Position Raceway, we provide the highest quality karts so that you and your friends can race with peace of mind, knowing that you're in a high-performance kart that will glide smoothly around the track, even at speeds capable of as high as 45 mph.

Indoor go-kart racing is an excellent way for your friend to spend his final night as a single man. Your group can hang out, talk, compete, and watch your friends race. We also provide video games for those moments you want to take a quick break from racing. It's a terrific bonding experience, plus a night of pure, thrilling fun that won't be forgotten anytime soon.

To plan the perfect party for your friend, and host a night of adventurous fun, contact us today.