Think Karting Is Boring? Then Try ACTION RACING!

19 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Are you bored of karting and think you've tried it all?

Are you bored of karting and think you've tried it all? Think again, buster! Anyone who has ever been to Pole Position Raceway knows that karting is still a fun and exciting adventure. So what do we bring to you that other karting experiences lack?

How about...?

The Fastest Carts In The West!

Don't believe us? Then you need to get behind the wheel of one of our action karts and feel it hit speeds capable of up to 45 miles per hour. That kind of speed is hard to get in just about any other karting center. It is especially great when racing around hair-pin turns and speed-boosting straightaways.

What about...?

Comfortable Indoor Racing!

We know that it is fun to race outside and feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin. But what about when it rains or snows? Then karting is a boring and exasperating experience. But not here! All of our tracks are indoors to keep you well protected from the environment.

Would you believe...?

An Adaptable Racing Experience!

At Pole Position Raceway, we are dedicated to providing the largest number of people with the best racing experience in California. That's why we have hand-controlled karts for those who cannot use their legs to drive. This makes us one of the most inclusive and friendly karting experience around.

Don't Delay!

So if you think action racing sounds like a blast that you and your friends have just got to try out, please contact us today. Our tracks are always in high demand and many people will book private events. Book your own fun racing experience and have the fun that you deserve.