Tell Your Out of Town Guests about Arrive & Drive Racing

994 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Go Kart Racing is the easy way to show your guests a great time.

Entertaining out of town guests can be tough. You don’t want to leave them stuck in the house with nothing to do but watch TV, but you have to go to work. This is where Arrive & Drive Indoor Go Kart Racing comes to the rescue. Your guests can have lots of fun on their own, and you can be a good host without shirking your usual responsibilities.

What is Arrive & Drive Racing? With Arrive & Drive, your guests can just walk on in to our facilities, and get entered into standard Adult, Youth or Junior races on a first-come, first-served basis. They do not have to reserve race times in advance.

Why Will Your Out of Town Guests Love It? Arrive & Drive is designed for individuals and small groups so your guests don’t have to know anyone else in town to have fun. It's flexible too. Our tracks are open 7 days a week. We provide everything they need so it doesn't matter what they packed for their trip. Plus, with 13 current Pole Position Raceway locations and plans to create a network of 50 plus tracks, they can search for a track near them so they can keep karting when they return home.

Whether you're trying to get a five star rating from your Airbnb customers or recommend something to your old college roommate who brought his teenage sons along for the week, Arrive & Drive Go Kart Racing is the easy way to show your guests a great time. Contact us today to see why karting is the ultimate indoor entertainment.