Rock The Racetrack With A Hand-Controlled Cart

1114 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

We've integrated a number of these into our centers

Cart racing is rapidly becoming one of the most popular recreations in the state. A growing number of people are coming to our centers and loving what we have to offer, including carts approaching speeds of 45 miles per hour, arcade games, and much more.

However, we've been getting a heavy increase in visitors lately due to our dedication to the hand-controlled cart. We've integrated a number of these into our centers and a large number of fans have been enjoying them.

Why do we use hand-controlled carts? They:

  • Let a larger number of people participate
  • Are fun and easy to use
  • Bring families and friends closer together

Just think about a person who is unable to use their legs, but who wants to have fun with their friends. In centers without a hand-controlled cart, they are left on the sidelines. Here they can join in the fun and rock the race track.

In this way, family and friends can enjoy each other more and have a high level of fun. Even people who suffer from numb legs due to various diseases can use hand-controlled carts to join in the racing fun. Here at Pole Position Raceway, we are dedicated to bringing people together with our high-quality racing experience.

So if you're interested in the hand-controlled carting fun, please contact us today to talk. Our centers are the only ones in the state that offer this unique experience, one that can help a greater number of people enjoy the fun our of high-quality racing moments.