Racing Surfaces and Our Karts

1288 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Finding the perfect blend of go kart design, track layout, performance tire, and race track surface is as important to this sport as the “secret sauce” is to any popular restaurant. It’s what separates Pole Position Raceway from the competition, and what has brought millions of people to compete at our tracks across the country. “Our goal has always been to find the perfect blend of grip versus slip,” said co-founder and President Ken Faught. “That’s why we turned to Peterson Brothers Construction to help us perfect the technique so that we can create the most authentic racing experience imaginable for the general public. We want driver skill to shine! Peterson Brothers Construction specializes in concrete flat work and has done over a billion dollars in sales, and they have been with Pole Position Raceway since the very beginning in 2005. It’s why when we wanted to learn how to build a go kart track, we turned to the very best.”

To experience Pole Position Raceway's electric go karts yourself, check out our list of tracks around the nation:

Buffalo, New York

Corona, California

Frisco, Texas

Jersey City, New Jersey

Las Vegas, Nevada

Long Island, New York 

Murrieta, California

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Rochestor, New York 

Savannah, Georgia 

St. Louis, Missouri

Summerlin, Nevada

Syracuse, New York