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Practice Your Racing Skills in the Off-Season at Pole Position Raceway

3139 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Our motto is "Built for Racers, by Racers."

Are you an amateur racer that is looking for a fun and exciting way to challenge your skill between seasons? Why not try out a go-cart adventure at Pole Position Raceway? Our carts are sturdy and capable up to speeds of 45 miles per hour.

While that might not seem like very much to a real racer, it's still enough to get your blood pumping. And it's definitely more than the average go-cart, many of which struggle to top out at 30 miles per hour.

While you're cruising along in one of our carts, you may notice that our track isn't the bland oval experience you often see at other carting centers. We've created a tough and fun track that is appropriate for experienced racers and children alike.

And racing against the amateurs that make up our clientele may end up being surprisingly competitive: we have a pretty dedicated group of fans who come to our facilities regularly. You won't find many pushovers among our drivers, that's for sure.

However, if you truly want to test your skills, you can schedule a group event.  These events let you and your best racing buddies get together for a little competitive private racing action. And after you're done, rent out our party hall and have a pizza party.

Remember: our motto is "Built for Racers, by Racers." And that means people like you. So why not stop on by and test out one of our carts? You'll be glad that you did. Contact us for more information on upcoming events, discounts, and group deals.