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Planning Corporate Meetings and Events? Break Out of the Conference Room and Meet at the Go Kart Track

2426 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Plan an exciting marketing meeting, brainstorming session, seminar or corporate outing. We have meeting rooms and the entertainment (go kart racing) to follow.

Corporations and businesses often get into ruts when it comes to their corporate events. Every so often, it is necessary to set aside the daily work and have meetings with employees. Trainings, marketing meetings, brainstorming sessions, and seminars all happen on a regular basis. It's no surprise to business owners and managers that employees have a hard time getting excited about these types of days. It's obvious from the yawns they may or may not attempt to hide. Why not break out of the traditional location and try something new?

Pole Position Raceway offers a full facility buy-out which means your company will have exclusive use of the location, and it will be closed to the public. Think you can't get any work done at the go kart track? We have meeting rooms equipped with up-to-date audio visual equipment, a projector screen, and the latest technology so you can go ahead with your presentations and get the work done that needs to be accomplished.

The difference between holding your meetings here as opposed to home base, is when employees have a break, or aren't involved in a specific meeting, they won't be waiting around, sipping coffee. They can jump in a go kart and get involved in races with fellow employees. Not only will you have a productive day, but this adds in some great team-building activities. And when you invest in some fun, employees will look forward to the day and will come back to work more motivated.

If you're looking for a way to spice up a meeting day, consider holding it at Pole Position Raceway. In addition to meeting rooms and races, we can help with details such as catering. For more information on a corporate facility buy-out, contact us.