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Plan a Fun Holiday Party for Your Employees This Year.

3041 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Plan an exciting event that people will actually look forward to

The Holidays are here, and everyone is busy getting their shopping lists finished, spending time with friends and family and planning the holiday events they are hosting. When calendars are already so jam packed, you want to make sure that your company holiday party is not just one more obligation for the employees you are hoping to honor and celebrate.

Too many companies plan holiday parties that just involve hanging around and talking with the co-workers they already spend 8 hours a day with. Instead, you should plan an exciting event that people will actually look forward to. Make sure your company holiday party is the most exciting holiday event your employees will have on their schedules this month.

Host your party at Pole Position Raceway, where people can speed around an incredible indoor race track with Karts capable of speeds up to 45mph!. Imagine how fast that feels when you're just inches from the ground in an open electric go kart? You can even award prizes for the winners of scheduled races!

A holiday party at Pole Position Raceway is the perfect event to have your employees bring their families to because it is fun for people of all ages. When spouses and kids are excited about your employee's place of employment, your employees will have greater morale and team spirit at work. There is no way to show everyone a better time than to spend a couple hours racing each other at Pole Position Raceway.

For more information on booking your holiday party at Pole Position Raceway, please contact us.