One of the World's Best Indoor Race Tracks

1602 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Pole Position Raceway has changed the way people look at indoor race tracks.

The sport of go kart racing has been around for over 50 years, and yet indoor race tracks in the United States are relatively new. Indoor race tracks have become popular during the last decade and Pole Position Raceway is proud to be a big part of the radical growth. Prior to the creation of Pole Position Raceway in 2005, indoor race tracks were relatively bland, featured smelly gas karts, and were geared towards one particular audience. Pole Position Raceway and it's high-performance electric karts, bright colors, collection of authentic racing memorabilia, and complimentary activities such as video games, air hockey and pool tables, changed all of that in a relatively short time. Now, millions of people compete at indoor race tracks in the United States every year and this is a great place for walk-in racers, birthday and bachelor parties, and corporate events. Indoor go karts are great because all of the elements can be controlled. Every Pole Position Raceway features air-conditioning and heat, state-of-the-art audio/video system, and a fleet of ultra high-tech go karts and professionally designed race tracks. It's why many people have said we are home to some of the best go kart tracks in the world, and we are proud to be part of this incredible form of family entertainment.