No Reservations Required: Arrive & Drive Racing

1267 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Grab a group of your friends, and come experience the thrill that you get from speeding around a track

Everyone's had moments where you want to do something fun and exciting with your friends, but no one has any good suggestions. There are a few places that sound fun, but they're expensive and you need to have scheduled your time in advance. You don't want to see another movie, and it's simply too hot to spend the entire day outdoors. Instead of giving up, and settling for a boring activity you really have no interest in, try indoor kart racing. 

At Pole Position Raceway you're guaranteed to have an exciting and eventful day, filled with adrenaline, friendly competition, and pure thrilling fun. The great news is, you can do it whenever you want. There's no reservations required, simply arrive & drive. Plus, Pole Position Raceway is open seven days a week. So, grab a group of your friends, and come experience the thrill that you get from speeding around a track capable of speeds up to forty-five miles per hour!

Indoor kart racing is quickly becoming the ultimate indoor entertainment, and Pole Position Raceway has taken it to the next level, providing you with the ultimate electric cart that handles better and goes faster. Plus, you won't have to suffer from disgusting fumes. 

There's no experience required, so anyone can join in the fun and excitement. Indoor kart racing balances the playing field. Even if you've never raced before, you'll be on equal ground with those who have previous experience. 

So, the next time you and your friends are sitting around trying to decide what to do, choose an exciting adventure that will be fun and thrilling for everyone. If indoor racing sounds like something you'd enjoy participating in, then please contact us for more information. We'd love to help you turn a boring day into one that's filled with thrilling entertainment.