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Karting Is Every Racing Champion's First Step

2322 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

You don't need your own helmet, just a need for speed.

Ask any race car driver how they got started racing and you'll probably get the same answer every time: Go Karting. And at Pole Position Raceway, we bring you an authentic Go Karting experience!

Many Motorsports legends started out driving the super speedy Go Kart on their way to becoming racing champions. These drivers include stars like Kurt Busch and Jeremy McGrath in NASCAR, to Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel in Formula One. There is only a height requirement (48" for Juniors and 56" for Adults) to race on our tracks. If you meet it, you're ready to go!

At Pole Position Raceway, our Formula EK20 Pro Karts have a top speeds capable of 45 MPH that will have your adrenaline pumping as you zip around the track! And better yet, the Formula EK20 Pro Karts are 100% electric, making them environmentally friendly while not sacrificing any of your high-performance Go Karting experience. As soon as you're buckled in, you will never forget your first ride around Pole Position Raceway!

If you're seeking out a fun new way to liven up your next party or corporate event, all you need to do is let us know.  We offer reservations and multiple racing formats, from the Pole Position Challenge to our SuperPole and Grand Prix, as well as video games for guests.

You don't need your own helmet, just a need for speed.  Pole Position Raceway provides all the gear you need for your authentic Karting experience. Contact us today to begin your high-performance ride!