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Go Karting for Disabled Adults: How Pole Position Raceway Is Helping Those With Disabilities Have Fun Racing

2620 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

We are one of the only racing centers in the area that include hand-controlled karts to help those with disabilities.

Kart racing is a fun experience that Pole Position Raceway has worked hard to promote to a wide range of people. In fact, they are one of the only racing centers in the area that include hand-controlled karts to help those with disabilities.

What Is A Hand-Controlled Kart?

Hand-controlled karts use a variety of levers to control the speed and braking systems of the kart. This helps eliminate the reliance on feet when driving and allows those who cannot control their legs to have racing fun.

These controls are easy to master and require the use of just one hand for speed and braking. These hand-controlled karts have been used by a variety of racers who suffer from diseases such as cerebral palsy.

How This Has Benefited Racers In The Area

Racer Mike Young was once a regular contender in the World Motocross Championships before suffering from a career-ending paralyzing accident. Once he recovered enough to get out and about, Young turned to Pole Position Raceway as a fun way to enjoy racing.

It was the only racing center in the area that used hand-controlled karts for people like him who could not use their legs to control their racing experience. Young's regular attendance has turned many others on to the benefits of Pole Position Raceway, making it a regular destination for those who don't let their disabilities get them down.

If you are interested in learning more about the hand-controlled karting experience at Pole Position Raceway, please contact us today.