Holiday Party: No Diet Needed

1457 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Plan a holiday party filled with laughter and fun

Have you noticed most holidays involve food? That usually means during, or after most holiday parties, people start talking about diets. So, all the enjoyment of the party is then taken away by the hard work of dieting. So, why not have a holiday party that will not mean dieting?

When you contact us to plan your holiday party, you will be planning a holiday party filled with laughter and fun. Your guests will join you at our indoor racing track where the weather is always perfect because our track facilities are climate controlled. 

Depending on the number of guests you have, we have several options for you. If you have a small group, all of you can race at once, and you can celebrate the winner with trophies or prizes. If you have a larger group, some can cheer for the racers, or play video games in between races. All of your guests can find something to entertain them so they enjoy the party (instead of worrying about gaining weight).

If you want to add competition to your holiday party, we will help you plan racing events so through a process of elimination you determine the fastest racer, racer with the most class, slowest racer, and any other category you want. There are many options when planning your holiday party and we love to help people plan their parties. We want your guests to leave your party laughing and talking about the fun they had. Who knows, maybe it will become an annual holiday tradition for you and your friends.