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Graduation Party Idea Makes the Grade

2698 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Are you graduating this year? Congratulations!

Are you graduating this year?  So, you made the grade!  Congratulations!  Will your graduation party make the grade as well?  If you'd rather not worry about whether the weather will co-operate and not leave you sweltering, maybe you should try a Pole Position Raceway graduation party!  Here's why:

Temperature Control

The only sweating you'll be doing is worrying about who will win as you race around the course.  Our facilities are temperature controlled to keep you comfortable.

Quality Go-Carts

These are not your kid brother's go-karts.  These are made-for-speed European high-performance go-karts.  You've just graduated, which means you are feeling free, and when you are speeding on our track, you'll be exhilarated too.  And don't worry about any fumes: the go-karts are all electric.

Fun for Your Guests

It's your graduation party, but it isn't all about you!  Your guests will appreciate that you are offering them such a fun activity for your party instead of something more traditional.  They'll be talking about it for years!

Whole Facility or Just Race-Track Rental

Planning on inviting every single person you know?  You might want to rent out the entire facility and have a huge blow-out!  If you'd rather keep it smaller, we've got several options including Race-Track rental, or smaller groups if that's more your speed.

You've got the drive. Now you've got the information to make this happen. Interested in making this graduation party a reality?  Contact us to line up your party and go go go!