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Go Kart Summer Camp

2705 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Kids will be thrilled to take part in our summer camps

It's the last day. Sitting, attempting to be patient, a kid's eyes dart back and forth between the blue summer skies just through the window and the clock on the wall, which seems to be ticking agonizingly slowly. Finally, after moments that feel as though they took years, the bell rings. Students race out the door, relieved that their favorite time of the year has started. 

Parents know the excitement tied to the start of summer all too well with kids. They also know it will not take long for that refreshed feeling to wear off, and for the kids to start getting bored, not knowing how to spend all their free time. Pole Position Raceway has the solution to combat that midsummer slump. Sign your kids up for racing action with Pole Position Raceway's summer camps.

Kids will be thrilled to take part in our summer camps, given the chance to do something they anticipate for much of their young When they put the pedal to the metal, steering around our tracks, they will forget all about any boredom they may have encountered during vacation, or the impending return to schoolwork. Our instructors will guide the growing racers, teaching them how to safely tackle the tracks and mentoring them on strategy.

Your kids will be fully engaged, analyzing how best to zip around in the karts designed for heights of 48" and taller. Give them something they'll be dying to tell their schoolmates about when they return to the classroom with the Pole Position Raceway summer camps.