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Go Kart Racing Parties - a Cool Summer Birthday Party with Hot Racing Action

3230 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

We offer a full line of birthday party packages

Parents sometimes have difficulty planning summertime birthday parties, due to the extreme heat and unpredictable weather. Indoor parties are an option, but most parents would opt to not have so many people within their home. It takes too much time to prepare for just a short party, then more time to clean up the mess. The best option is to host the party somewhere that has an inside birthday party area, where you and your guests can have fun without all the worry of planning or the mess.

Pole position Raceway has the ideal solution for parents looking to have a fun and stress free birthday party for their child. Go kart racing parties in our indoor facility allow your guests to stay comfortable in a totally climate controlled space. You also don’t have to worry about the threat of rain or severe weather dampening your party. We offer a full line of birthday party packages that include a private party space. The packages include race vouchers and a multitude of other add-ons depending on your preferences. These can include party favors, t-shirts, decorations, cake and much more.

The best part of hosting a party here besides that fact that it is not at your home, is the fast-paced go-kart racing. Your party guest’s race around a state-of-the-art race track that is the same as professional’s race. Our karts feature all the latest safety gear and an electric engine that is just as fast as you'd find in professional go kart racing. Drivers compete in a race format where your party guests can compete against each other. You can race one or several races depending on your package, and have exclusive races depending on the amount of your guests.

If you would like more information on hosting a summer birthday party with our cool go karts, please contact us.