Adult go karts

Go-Carts: the Ultimate Team Building Activity for Your Next Corporate Retreat

3125 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

A unique company experience your employees will never forget!

Are you looking for a unique team building activity for your company and are sick of playing paintball? Why not try a go-cart racing experience at Pole Position Raceway? Our exciting  carts offer you and your company a unique retreat experience your employees will never forget.

Start by assigning the people in your company into various racing "teams." These teams will compete to win races and earn points for good placement. Now, schedule a variety of races by contacting us and setting up a private race day.

When making your teams, try to avoid arranging them based on departments in your office. Mixing different departments up will introduce your employees to new people and help create new relationships.

Before you race, explain the simple point system you're going to use to reward the top 20 finishers in a race. The most basic system is a descending one, starting with 20 points for the top finisher all the way down to one point for the 20th.

How does this build teamwork skills? Simple: by focusing your employees on helping each other. Teammates will work together to try to get one of their teammates to finish at the top. After all, everyone on the team will be rewarded for the success of one teammate.

And when your race is over, you can hold a corporate dinner in our private party room. What a perfect way to unwind and share racing memories!

If this sounds exciting to you, make sure to call us ahead of time to set up a private racing experience. Our racing centers are popular and always busy, so a few weeks advance time may be necessary.