Gift Cards Perfect for Easter Baskets for Older Children

1435 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Just because children get older doesn’t mean they should forego the delight of an Easter basket

Easter morning is a favorite for many children due to the many toys and sweet treats they receive. This does tend to fade the older they get, but with a little creativity you can make older children just as happy. Go kart racing gift cards perfect for Easter baskets for older children. They will once again have that ear-to-ear smile when they open their Easter basket on Easter morning.

Just because children get older doesn’t mean they should forego the delight of an Easter basket. It just means you will have to alter the contents slightly to bring them joy. What better way to brighten their day, then the gift of fast-paced indoor racing action.  Weather around Easter is often on the cool side, but not in Pole Position Raceways climate-controlled facility, which has ideal racing temperatures year-round. Your children will can use their gift card during any normal business hours, and participate in competitive racing.

Indoor go kart racing is an ideal way for your family to spend time together over the Easter holiday. It offers a chance to bond and as well as having some healthy competition. Minimum height for racing is 48 inches tall and all racers wear a supplied racing helmet. Our state-of-the-art track allows for fast and safe racing. The track has an easy to follow design that is also challenging enough for all skill levels at higher speeds. Families and groups race together in a lapped race where the scoring system records time and laps for an accurate finishing order. For non-racers there is a larger viewing area that includes a snack bar and arcade.

If you would like more information on fun ideas for your older children’s Easter baskets, please contact us.