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Get Back on Track with a Team Building Activity

2823 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Team-building isn't magic, it's a practice that will benefit everyone.

People are driven to be part of the team, to form bonds and cling to them. This is both a blessing and a curse, because when we create a strong culture and community, we also create a defense against change. We may even push away those who seem to be outsiders.

Every single person in your group craves an active, participatory role. As a team you share experiences every day. You're with each other most of the waking hours of your lives.

To help you keep this community alive and healthy, there's an established practice already in place called Team Building. If your team is resisting change, rejecting new people, or just stuck in a rut, take a step back and consider these team building basics:

Team goals should correspond to individual goals. When determining a shared goal, couch it in such a way that each person on the team can readily relate to the goal. For example, a team goal of working extra hours to make up for a temporarily vacant role doesn’t relate to individual goals of spending more quality time outside of work. Each member of the team becomes defensive and shuns the extra hours, leaving them to one or two people who don’t have families.

Instead, an active team goal of splitting up extra hours to fill the vacant role can coexist with an individual goal of adding quality to time outside of work. Talk about both goals in context with one another rather than allowing them to appear contradictory.

In this example, a leader could mention that if Sue and John absorb all the overtime, their personal lives suffer; but if everyone helps to absorb the overtime and each person can leave early one Friday per month, then every team member has an increased chance of enjoying quality time while the team meets the goal of covering the open position.

Individual growth and development fuels team growth and development. As individuals improve, their contribution to the team improves and they gain as much confidence in themselves as they do in the team. Therefore take note of personal growth and the goals of each individual. This is especially important when new members join the team.

Become cheerleaders for each other. Take time each week to point out individual contributions from each person. Relate specifically how each individual made the team better.

A team can reach a collective goal faster than individuals working on their own. team building activity is a highly effective way to introduce this concept. Divide the department into groups and create a fun competition. This type of activity inevitably exposes individual talents that other team members witness and appreciate. After a go kart team-building activity, share what you learned about each other.

Now use those new learnings in the workplace. Set and honor team goals. Celebrate when you meet a goal. Set new goals and regularly examine successes or failures within each effort. If it looks like a goal isn't working, don’t be afraid to redefine the objective. Always do this as a group or at least by consensus.

Team-building isn't magic, it's a practice that will benefit everyone. Remember to include team-building elements in your agenda every single week.

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