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Forget a Pool Party for Your Child's Birthday This Summer! Go Kart Racing Parties Will Get Their Hearts Pounding

3201 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Go Kart Racing Parties Will Get Their Hearts Pounding.

When you have a child with a birthday in the summer months, you automatically think of a pool party for their birthday. In fact, you have probably had more than one birthday pool party in the last few years. Your child might already be pestering you about finding something different to do this year, or maybe, you have decided it is time to think outside the box.


This year might be the perfect time for a go-kart racing party. Instead of making sure everyone has on sunscreen, you will be busy helping them get settled into their go kart for some heart pounding fun. This is your child’s chance to compete with his friends for first place win and have a great time doing it.


While one group of children is racing around the track, the other group will be cheering on their favorite racer. You will not need to worry about who needs to wait 30 minutes after eating to get back in the water. Each child can eat and then race right away. These indoor racing tracks are designed for fun, speed and friendly competition.


When you work directly with the go-kart location, you will can have your own party room where you can set up a cake, open presents and the kids can talk trash between races. Instead of seeing who can splash the most water on mom, they will be challenging you to a race of your own. A go-kart party will be fun for the entire family.


Pole Position Raceway offers a variety of locations for you to have your child’s birthday party this summer. They offer convenient hours of operation, and package deals for large parties. Contact us to learn more about how we can make your child’s birthday one to remember this year.