Five Benefits of Hosting a Corporate Team Building Activity at the Racetrack

1173 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Pole Position Raceway has fun-filled electric kart racing tracks in many different locations that would be perfect for a corporate team building activity.

Most business professionals and leaders of industry share the opinion that well-executed team building activities are crucial to achieving maximum production and consistently high morale from your workforce. Even something as simple as an organized game of trash can basketball in the break room can be beneficial for employees in establishing bonds and creating alliances.

The problem is it can seem a difficult task to organize an effective team building event that employees actually want to participate in. More often than not, employees tend to anticipate these exercises with a bit of a loathsome lament the way a teenager reacts when being told to take out the trash or walk the dog.

So how do you avoid such a reaction from your workers? Think outside the box, get creative, and organize an event that will be fun for everyone and productive for your organizational goals at the same time. In other words, have you thought about hosting a team building activity at Pole Position Raceway? The benefits of corporate team building activities are numerous. Here is a list of five key which are key:

  1. Team building fosters an environment of encouragement and support for one another. Each team members begins to feel more motivated to make projects work more efficiently.
  2. Inspiration becomes infectious among successful teams. A team that is successful on a fun day of racing and thrills is likely to carry over that feeling, and be inspired to support one another in the workplace as well.
  3. Successful teams offer rewards on the individual level and on the team level. Team members tend to pursue both types of rewards when they feel some sort of success building amongst themselves.
  4. Productivity and team building go hand in hand. If you organize a successful team building event, the individual members are usually drawn to take their team attitude with them into the workplace for the immediate future. This phase may last for a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months. Shortly after you feel this air of team building die down it would behoove you to organize another fun day at the racetrack if necessary to reinvigorate the team effort.
  5. Probably the single biggest benefit of organizing a corporate team building activity at Pole Position Raceway is: You get to experience full throttle, high speed racing excitement on our state of the art indoor karting track with high performance European Formula EK20 karts! What other reasons could you possibly need?

"Pole Position Raceway" has fun-filled electric kart racing tracks in many different locations that would be perfect for a corporate team building activity. Please contact us today for more information. We would love to accommodate your team at the track soon!