Drone view of indoor karting

Drone Delivers an Aerial View of an Indoor Go Kart Track

2457 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Drone buzzes around an indoor go kart track to give you a bird's-eye-view like you've never seen before.

Maybe the talk of drones delivering your latest internet order doesn't get your blood pumping, but the quadcopter we put to work will definitely interest you. With the use of a DJI Phantom, we got a drone's view of an indoor go kart track that will definitely make you want to get behind the wheel.

Pole Position Raceway is all about state-of-the-art. We're not some dusty old go-kart place that has ancient karts that chug around a big oval. If it isn't the best, we don't want to be involved, which is why we got our hands on some of the latest technology to give our customers a birds-eye view of our Houston track.

With the help of a quadcopter, we took to the skies with a GoPro Hero 3, the video camera that is often used in high-action sports such as skydiving, and extreme sports. This top-of-the-line camera allows people who like to live with their feet on the ground experience what life is like for those who live for adrenaline rushes.

We flew the DJI Phantom around the Houston location with the GoPro Hero attached, giving you a chance to see our track from a different view. You can start off by checking out our karts, lined up, and ready to go. The junior size is for kids 48 inches tall and up, and then there are, of course, standard-sized karts for teens and adults who want to get in on the action.

Then from this perspective, you notice the shape of the track. The winding design with hairpin turns makes this course exciting for everyone, and we even re-design it on a regular basis to make sure our customers are always ready for a challenge.

From the drone's perspective, you even get to see some karts in action. Our standard electric karts can go up to 45 MPH, which gives you an authentic racing experience.

Go check our drone's video, and then come visit Pole Position Raceway and experience it for yourself. You can come anytime with our Arrive & Drive program, or contact us to reserve a time for groups or parties.