A Corporate Holiday Party That's Really a Holiday

1331 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Rent our go-kart track for your next corporate holiday party.

Face it. A Corporate Holiday Party can come with a lot of whining attached.

The party is thrown in the office. "Cheapskates. Record earnings and they can't even spring for a banquet room." 

The party is thrown in the banquet room of an upscale hotel. "So that's where our bonuses went this year."

The dress code is business formal. "I had to spend my last paycheck on a new outfit just so I could show up in something no one's seen me wear to the office."

The dress code is casual and the CEO shows up wearing a tank-top and flip-flops. (No need to comment further on this one.)

We have solutions to all of the above and so much more. Rent our go-kart track for your next corporate holiday party venue. Everyone will come and no one will whine because they'll be having the time of their lives acting out the fantasy of a being a race car driver.

That's not to say our facility is a fantasy. This is the real thing with a real track and real race cars. You'll be wearing real racing helmets which make everyone look and feel way cool, even the computer geek in the back office.

Casual dress code is mandatory. Sweats are fine. Open-toed shoes, including flip-flops, are forbidden -- even for the CEO.

Weather is never a problem. Our facility is indoors and climate-controlled; cool on the Fourth of July, comfortably cozy on Christmas.

Beyond having a great time, you'll be learning the basics of go-kart racing, an international sport that's been a training ground for professional drivers in everything from NASCAR to Formula 1. And you'll be learning on a track that's designed to be both challenging and safe, driving one of our "it feels like you're going much faster than 45mph", electrically powered go-karts. Even if you're not into racing, think of it as a test drive using a future automotive technology that is fast becoming a present day reality both on the race track and the road. 

Contact us about turning your next corporate holiday party into a whine-free, fun-filled event that everyone in your company will remember for all the right reasons.