Corporate Events: Use Gift Cards as Performance Motivators

1462 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Great ideas for incentives and rewards for your staff.

Have a big deadline coming up? Notice employees are just going through the motions and need a little incentive to get back on track? Many businesses offer motivational gifts that workers can earn or win every once in a while. If you're trying to think of corporate events that offer motivational perks, gift cards often do the trick.

There's something about winning or earning a gift card that is special. Going out on the company's dime makes it seem like an event, and knowing they won't have to pull your own credit card out at the end of the night allows employees to enjoy themselves without the financial strain.

A gift certificate to a restaurant or store is always appreciated, but many people eat out and shop regularly so there's nothing really special about it. But a gift card to a unique place that they might not go to regularly will be an incentive to work hard. 

Pole Position Raceway is just the place to entice your employees to meet their goals, and to make things simple for you, you can buy gift cards right on our website and have them shipped to you. Adults and kids 48 inches tall and up can race, so just about everybody can get in on the fun, and many people will be motivated to earn a gift card so they can treat their family or friends to something fun that they might not get to do on a regular basis.

With our Arrive & Drive program, there's no need to call ahead, so those that earn a gift card can come right in and use it that day if they want to. If you're looking for an incentive for employees to meet their goals, a Pole Position Raceway gift card is the way to go.

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