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Break the Winter Break Boredom with Action Karting

2852 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

The holidays often start out with a bang, filled with family gatherings, and lots of gifts.

Winter break is a perfectly timed for students to enjoy the holidays, and take a needed break from school. This offers time to spend with family and relax without having to worry about their studies. Due to the length, the break often leads to boredom near the end, and students can become restless and in need of some excitement.

The holidays often start out with a bang, filled with family gatherings, and lots of gifts. The excitement then seems to fade away until school goes back in session. Pole Position Raceway has the ideal solution for breaking the winter boredom with action karting. This fast and exciting sport is sure to breathe life back into your lethargic youth. Not only do they get to race state-of-the-art racing go karts, but they get the thrill of competition. Pole Position Raceway offers open racing throughout winter break so that your student is able to race whenever they like. Our climate controlled facility ensures prime race condition throughout the year.

We offer gift certificates that make ideal holiday gifts, which allows your child an actual race car driver experience. Action karting allows all ages to have fun, while competing around our professional race course. We supply all necessary safety equipment including a helmet for your piece-of-mind. Pole Position Raceway is the ideal meeting location for friends over break, as we offer a large common area, arcade, and snack bar. They will have fun for hours and race away the winter break blues. The thrills and speed of action karting is just what your student needs to start their next semester with exuberance.

If you would like more information on racing activities during winter break, please contact us.