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Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

2299 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Here are a few party ideas that your teenager will absolutely love.

As your children grow into their teens, throwing them a birthday bash that not only doesn't embarrass them but could actually be considered cool can seem nearly impossible. So here are a few party ideas that your teenager will absolutely love.

1.) Concerts -  There is nothing cooler than attending a concert with your friends.  See if any of the bands your teenager is into are playing in your city around their birthday. Surprising them and a few of their friends with tickets will definitely score you a place on the cool parents list. You could even take them out for pizza before the event, or give them some cash for a souvenir.

2.) Go Kart Racing - You'd be hard pressed to find a teenager who wouldn't love a Pole Position Raceway birthday party with their friends. These go karts can go up to 45 miles per hour, and you can get a party package for your teen and all their friends. Speeding around these awesome indoor raceways is great for kids, teens, and adults. You can even add-on additional things like cake, pizza or a piñata to make the day extra special (and easy for you.) 

3.) Amusement Parks - Roller coasters, need I say more? Obviously, this one is weather dependent, so it's not as easy to plan for all birthdays in all seasons as the other two ideas. But if you have an amusement park near you and know the weather is going to be good, this party idea is an easy win. Make sure you remember to budget extra for all the hot dogs and cotton candy a group of teenagers is sure to consume!