Adult Birthday Parties - Go Kart Racing

1335 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Experience go kart racing at Pole Position Raceway which is ideal for adult birthday parties.

Want to feel younger? It's one of the reasons that adult birthday parties are so popular at Pole Position Raceway. Experience world-class indoor go kart racing at our tracks located across the country. Our karts are capable of speeds up to 45mph and all of our tracks are climate controlled so you can battle in the utmost comfort. Go kart racing at Pole Position Raceway features side-by-side action on giant 1/-4 mile tracks. We have hosted thousands of adult birthday parties since opening in 2005.

Depending on the location, up to 13 racers can compete at a time in head-to-head race action. This adds to the intensity of the experience and allows for incredible side-by-side race action. Pole Position Raceway also has two different size karts for adults and junior racers.

“It’s a lot of fun sitting just a few inches off the ground and going that fast,” said NASCAR pit reporter Jamie Little. “I’m surprised at how fast the karts go. There is no way that you can hold the throttle wide open around the entire track.This is an absolute blast.”

Each race lasts approximately 10 minutes on the massive 1/4-mile track. The entire facility is air conditioned, and every racer receives a results sheet full of interesting data about their go kart racing experience. This family form of entertainment has become so popular that Pole Position Raceway has been on such television shows as Good Morning America, Cake Boss, Ice Loves Coco, NASCAR on Fox, and more. In fact, it's even been featured in an Oklahoma State Lottery commercial!

“It’s an incredible place,” says Oklahoma dirt track legend Shane Carson. “I have a great time every time I am there. The entire staff really understands how to create a real racing experience.”
Pole Position Raceway is also loaded with authentic racing memorabilia and has more than a dozen flat screen televisions that play the latest sporting events.

“I’m actually really impressed with the performance of the karts,” said five-time motorcycle land speed record holder Paul Livingston who has attended several adult birthday parties. “The electric motors are really fast and produce a lot of torque. The torque allows them to accelerate off the corners faster than their gas counterparts. The karts also have a really cool sound, almost like a mini Formula One car. I’m very impressed and Pole Position Raceway has certainly set a new standard in the sport. This is go kart racing done right!”

Another interesting aspect about the go kart racing facility is that the entire track is made of moveable barriers to absorb energy in the event of an accident. This moveable track also allows Pole Position Raceway to change the course design every few months so that customers can have a new challenge on a regular basis. It's another reason why Pole Position Raceway hosts so many adult birthday parties.

It’s so cool that seven-time AMA Supercross Champion Jeremy McGrath calls Pole Position Raceway “the ultimate racing experience for family and friends!”

“A lot of people think that karting is just for kids,” says co-founder and President Ken Faught. “Fact is that most of our customers are adults. Pole Position Raceway offers an authentic race experience for pretty much everyone in the family, and that’s the driving force behind indoor karting.”

Pole Position Raceway is indoor electric karting at its best. Book your adult go kart party, birthday party, corporate event, or just stop by for a quick hit of racing excitement anytime. Please contact us today for more information.