Action Karting Is Fun for Everyone, Not an Exclusive Club

1119 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

participate in an experience that many consider to be a racing club exclusivity

Action karting is seen by the vast majority of the population as an expensive adult activity that is exclusive to club enthusiasts who have their very own kart, race in scheduled leagues, and have enough money and free time to make it a priority. The real truth is that you don't need any of these things to feel the thrills and chills of real head-to-head, indoor action karting just about any time you want.

The club members may think that only they can experience the best cars, the best tracks, and the best fun of action karting, but you too can know what it feels like to race a high-performance European go kart, considered by many to be the best available in the industry, around a quarter-mile  indoor road course free from the harsh elements of the great outdoors. The course itself actually has over $10 million invested in it, so you know it's no dirt-covered, soap box derby track at the local elementary school. As far as the racing machine is concerned, how about a Formula EK20 Pro Kart specifically design to be the best indoor electric kart racer you can drive?

If you come to "Pole Position Raceway" in any one of our many locations across the United States, you will have the opportunity to participate in just such an experience that many consider to be a racing club exclusivity. It's a great idea for corporate outings, casual get-togethers with friends, holiday events, birthday parties, or just a good ol' fashioned fun time with the people you love most. There are karts for the whole family including kids and adults alike, and our "Arrive & Drive" program is perfect for a spur of the moment decision on a rainy weekend day when you're looking for something fun to do, but are tired of the same old bad movie, dinner out, or shopping mall excursion.

Please contact us today and we would love to show you how you can have the same super fun experience that some think only racing club members can have.