4 Fun Ideas for Teenager Sleepover Parties

1047 days ago by Pole Position Raceway

Here are some games that will give them a blast.

Holding a sleepover for your teenager and their friends? There are so many games and activities that you can do at night and the days before and after! Here are some teenage activities ideas and games that will give them a blast.

Truth or Dare

This is a fun game that’s great when done late at night. Every player gets a chance to ask the next in line, “Truth or dare?”. If they answer “truth,” they have to answer a question, such as “How did you feel when you first kissed so-and-so?”. If the answer is dare, they have to do a challenge, such as walking around and making chicken sounds (just make sure the challenge is not dangerous).


You can hold a mini-auction! Everyone coming to the sleepover can bring something from their home that is old or that they don’t need anymore. Then, give out money (or fake money) so that an auction can be held. This provides sleepover fun for everyone!

Composer Game

Write a bunch of phrases or quotes on scraps of paper and place them in a bowl. Everyone gets to randomly pick out one scrap. Next, they have to compose a song that starts with the phrase or is based on it. You can let them use known tunes and just make up new words, or you can have them compose a new tune as well.

Go Karting

You’ll also need something for the kids to do the day before or after. Go karting is a great activity for a bunch of energetic kids. Contact us for information on go karting for groups.